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Halloween UFO DIY Yard display
Part list  (click on links for source of each item):

1        used C band satellite dish 10' across 
4         Rolls of Basic (Dumb) RGB Strip Lights
1         27 Channel DMX Controller
2         Rolls of Smart Pixel RGB Lights
1         Easy Pix Controller
2         Encloser boxes with mounting board kits
1         12 VDC Power Supply (add power plug cable)
100     ft 4 wire RGB wire
1         9+' 3-pin extension female to male
16         4-pin connectors female male
1          DMX 3 pin Connector to cat5 cable
3          Large Coro Chrismas Trees
33        RGB  lights for Hex Trees- 6 inside & 5 on bottom
3          Cystal Ball Landscape lights modified
            with 3 square RGB lights. 
1          Geyser DMX Smoke Machine (not Jr.)
3          1 ½" by 6' pieces of conduit or fence poles for legs
                with 2x6 12" frame for top.  plus long bolts
3          green fence stakes (cheap) home depot for supporting
                smoke machine.
​10        ft of 16 or 18 gauge wire for running power to 27 channel 
?           various links of Cat5 cable for sending dmx signal.

solder, shrink wrap, and silcone seal will be needed also
We assume you have some understanding of  lightorama S4 Software / xlights with DMX    

See for other items and RGB Training Videos

By Gary Lipps
Close up of UFO
Last Year Show with Moving Heads and Waterfall
xlights software was used to control moving heads and waterfall display.  Also converted from Lightorama to Xlights software